Dodge Charger

Before you read this review I want to say that I’m sorry that I have not posted anything recently. Without any more unnecessary adue this is my review on the Dodge Charger.

The Dodge Charger is like a sports family car. (Keeping in mind I hate American cars.) On the outside the car looks like a high-power racing machine. Surprisingly, ever since they added the Crome and new tail-lights I’ve gained a new respect for the Charger. The dash-board and radio has the resemblance of a NASCAR dashboard. The rest of the car feels like a race car built for four passengers. The part that makes you forget that you are in a sedan is the small windows. The power/drive-train is the hemi-powered V8 and the five-speed rear wheel drive-train. But if I got a high-powered sedan I would pick a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG.

















Car Guy Music Videos

These are some of my favorite music videos.

First there is Sir Mix a Lot’s “My Hooptie.”

Second, there is Silver Arrows “Worth Getting Out of Bed for.”

Third, is a commercial for the Toyota Sienna (The Sienna Family)

Although the videos on this blog are not made by me soon I will start making  my own videos.

Ultimate Off Road vechicle

The ultamate off road vechicle is the Mercedes-Benz Unimog (UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät) (Gerät is German for machine.) U300, U400, U500, and U5000! All Unimogs have interchangeable transmissions FWD RWD and 4Matic (Mercedes-Benz for AWD). Also they can all climb 40% incline. Mercedes-Benz Unimogs can also haul at least 70 tons. The really cool part is they can waid in five feet of water. The Unimogs are virtualy unstoppable. The reason I said this is because only one wheel needs traction for it to move. They can still reach 55 mph on the road. The Unimogs are rough tough lean mean machines.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300


Mercedes-Benz Unimogs U500 (left) and U5000 (right)


Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400


Mercedes-Benz Unimog interior


Dodge Grand Caravan, and VolksWagon Routan

During the summer of 2011 I rode to Orlando, Florida from the DC area in a Dodge Grand Caravan. Then, in November I test rode a Volkswagon Routan. The reason why I decided to put these two cars in the same review is because they are both made with Chrysler parts. The only difference between the two cars is the Routan has a tight German ride. I’d say the Routan is the Grand Caravan’s mini me. Let’s start with the interior. There are two rows of bucket seats and on the third are some regular bench seats. Behind the right bucket seat in the rear there is an A.C. plug and below it is a D.C. plug.  As far as the ride is concerned the Grand Caravan rides and handles like a sedan. The car also sips fuel. On the way to Orlando, Florida we stopped for gas twice. On the way back we filled the tank three times. Although, the cars are built pretty much the same the Routan has a tighter ride.

Now I would like to know which one you like best based on this review. Please leave your opinion in the form of a comment.

About carguy1854

Hey, and welcome to my blog. I just love cars. I guess you can say my like for cars jumps back a generation because my grandfather was a mechanic. I take a car quiz about every day. My favorite car company would be Mercedes-Benz. I hate American cars. My family and I used to have a 2006 Ford Explorer. The car was as bad as sin if not worse and during it’s four years of life it was mostly at the shop. Once when it needed a part, because Ford could did not even have the part on the diagram of the vehicle, our mechanic had to make it from scratch.  So I like to say, “When we stopped paying for our Explorer, we were still paying for the truck.” Before that, we had a Toyota Four Runner. Some say that Toyotas are indestructible, but that’s not true. Ours had a broken middle seat belt. This may sound minor, but because we needed every seat someone would have been in danger.  I also have some friends who own a Toyota and almost all their seat belts are broken. On the other hand, I know of a family who owns a vintage Mercedes-Benz. It has out lasted all of the cars I mentioned. In addition, this vintage Benz has had only one major repair.