Dodge Grand Caravan, and VolksWagon Routan

During the summer of 2011 I rode to Orlando, Florida from the DC area in a Dodge Grand Caravan. Then, in November I test rode a Volkswagon Routan. The reason why I decided to put these two cars in the same review is because they are both made with Chrysler parts. The only difference between the two cars is the Routan has a tight German ride. I’d say the Routan is the Grand Caravan’s mini me. Let’s start with the interior. There are two rows of bucket seats and on the third are some regular bench seats. Behind the right bucket seat in the rear there is an A.C. plug and below it is a D.C. plug.  As far as the ride is concerned the Grand Caravan rides and handles like a sedan. The car also sips fuel. On the way to Orlando, Florida we stopped for gas twice. On the way back we filled the tank three times. Although, the cars are built pretty much the same the Routan has a tighter ride.

Now I would like to know which one you like best based on this review. Please leave your opinion in the form of a comment.


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