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About carguy1854

Hey, and welcome to my blog. I just love cars. I guess you can say my like for cars jumps back a generation because my grandfather was a mechanic. I take a car quiz about every day. My favorite car company would be Mercedes-Benz. I hate American cars. My family and I used to have a 2006 Ford Explorer. The car was as bad as sin if not worse and during it’s four years of life it was mostly at the shop. Once when it needed a part, because Ford could did not even have the part on the diagram of the vehicle, our mechanic had to make it from scratch.  So I like to say, “When we stopped paying for our Explorer, we were still paying for the truck.” Before that, we had a Toyota Four Runner. Some say that Toyotas are indestructible, but that’s not true. Ours had a broken middle seat belt. This may sound minor, but because we needed every seat someone would have been in danger.  I also have some friends who own a Toyota and almost all their seat belts are broken. On the other hand, I know of a family who owns a vintage Mercedes-Benz. It has out lasted all of the cars I mentioned. In addition, this vintage Benz has had only one major repair.